Leasing exposition and exhibits

Everything you can see here you can even lease! We offer many types of cooperation in the preparation of your activities!

Leasing of the area
The area of iQpark is leasable for teambuilding, banquets, congress, etc.

Banquet with unusual programme
We are able in collaboration with the Centrum Babylon to prepare an usual feast in an unusual environment!

Teambuilding - Indoor
We prepare for your colleagues and employees unusual indoor activities in random topic. You won't get bored. You can combine our activities with Aquapark, Wellness, etc. We offer a wide range of dining options and accommodations in Hotel**** Babylon.

Travelling showcase
Travelling showcase Games and illusions can visit your city. We offer leasing of showcase. Showcase includes 50 interactive exhibits. Optimal area is about 400 square metres.

Short-term lending of exhibits
It's free of charge for noncommercial applicants, commercial applicants pay a small fee for lending exhibits (open days, children banquets, children's days, ...)

Contact us here: 602 412 769, coufal@iqpark.cz


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