4th floor

Exhibition hall A, laboratory LAB 1 and LAB 2, Science show are located in the fourth floor.

Do you like playing with the light? Do you want to explore your body with thermal sight? Explore x-ray pictures or try a seismograph. Are you affraid of fakeer bed? You can try to lay on it. Fourth floor is collection of exhibits that are full of colors and lights.

Auditorium is part of Exhibit hall A where Science shows are made. Every day during hollidays is here at 4pm a big science show which includes experiments with Van de Graaf generator, liquid nitrogen, ... Out of the science show time you can relax and watch the projection here.

LAB 1, LAB 2
Laboratory is hinterland for lector programmes for schools and Sunday's workshops for public. Come and explore the world under the microscope, experiment with physics!


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