Labyrint Bohemia, p.b.c.

The company was established for the purposes of broadening the knowledge of children, youth, adults, and the elderly seeking new ways to spend thein spare time, bringing ethics, morals, patriotism and artisitic sentiment back to life.

It mainly aims at:
  • organizing courses on art and old crafts techniques
  • building entertainment centres designed for leisure time, playing games and relaxing
  • entertaining-educational learning, interactive tools, production of exponents used for travelling exhibitionss, own permanent display
  • leisure time planning, workshops, educational tours, excursions, hobby classes
  • addiction prevention and seeking alternative values
  • advertising and media activities, organization of social events, publishing and distribution of periodicals and other prints
  • production of audiovisual recordings
The main current goal of the company is to build up the Interactive knowledge centre in Liberec, withthe first stage being the iQpark project execution.
Further information at web Labyrint Bohemia.


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